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Thank you more than you can ever imagine.
The remains of crumpled leaves in a roll up cigarette. And in my shattered dreams I can see your silhouette.

Desertion - Do I laugh or cry?


    mood: wretched
    choon: Miss Black America – Car Crash For A Soul
From: (Anonymous Coward) [.]
Posted: Tuesday 9th August, 2005 at 13:56.26
I never deserted you Jon. Still havn't.
From:turkeyphant [.]
Posted: Tuesday 9th August, 2005 at 19:20.16
 Re: desertion
I've been meaning to get in contact properly for far too long. What's your current mobile number? - my phone died long ago and the number I had didn't work anyway.

If you're ever in Crawley on a weekday, come into Ottakar's and I'll buy you a drink after work some day. It'd be nice to talk soon.
From: (Anonymous Coward) [.]
Posted: Wednesday 10th August, 2005 at 11:28.38
 Ottaker's he he he
I don't know whether I'd be able to get to Crawley because Im working in Sutton every weekday. How the devil are you chumley? Can't believe you burned my letter, I still have both of yours, pooface!

Did I spell believed wrong?

Anyway, if you can get there, it's Lucy's birthday drinks tomorrow at the Blue Anchor in Reigate from about 8. i think a whole lot of people are coming including TD if I can stop him from wallowing in his bitterness. I'm sure everyone would love to see you Jon. It's been so long. Don't want to put my number on the net. Is your email still turkeyphant@hotmail.com? I'll email it to you.

By the way, Dr. Wakefield has come out and can now be seen walking round Reigate with a charming young beau on his arm... I knew we were right!
From:turkeyphant [.]
Posted: Wednesday 10th August, 2005 at 17:12.07
 Re: Ottaker's he he he
Wait a sec, was that first post from Suda or Lois (or who)? My new email address is here regardless. Not sure about making the Anchor tomorrow night as I'm a busy bee right now, but there's a distinct possibility I might just have a free house on the 20th if anyone wants to come round and merrily catch up. If you're interested, I'll keep you posted.
From:ex_djinny679 [.]
Posted: Friday 12th August, 2005 at 00:05.53
 Re: Ottaker's he he he
I haven't a clue what this is all about, it certainly wasn't me. It might be Lo - she uses the term "chumly" sometimes.
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