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Put a poppy on my empty grave.

Today we were marched into the Shirley Hall for a remembrance service. Old people proudly sporting glistening medals and solemn faces filled up the rows. A mini orchestra played Mozart in resplendent sobriety and everyone had been told to buy a paper flower. A hush fell round with instinctive silence and respect.

The whole thing was a rather disgusting affair. It reminded me of the scene in Apocalypse Now where all the soldiers have a service and pray as if theirs sins could be instantly absolved. They want forgiveness but won't stop to think from what.

| thou shalt not kill |

The army section stomped in headed by the beaming Beadle. They were the last people who should have attended. What the fuck is a death squad doing in a place where we remember those who died needlessly at their hands? They all ponced about doing fancy wheels in their bleached suits and swinging Union Flags around the place. I hated them all.

All armed forced are shits. In order to fight effectively, they are desensitised and brainwashed to the point of dogmatic nationalist fervour. They all say people died for us. Most of them died for no one and for nothing. Most of them were fucking bloodthirsty morons anyway. Since when did territory and nationality come before moral propriety?

And so I sat there throughout it all. Feeling a cold chill run down my back as the choir heartily sung the haunting harmonies of I Vow To Thee, My Country. And then, the booming echoes of the National Anthem shamefully shook round the hall. The people there all believed every word unaware of what it all meant.

"Lord God our Father,
we pledge ourselves
to serve you and all mankind,
in the cause of peace."

| for Queen and country |

War is a horrible, horrible thing. It wrenched at my guts to see all these people spelling out the future of humanity. What a bleak picture it is. Greed and prejudice reign victorious while united we all fall together.
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