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It's the end. </b>

    mood: rejected rejected
    choon: Neil Finn - Don't Dream It's Over
From:sherar [.]
Posted: Thursday 6th March, 2003 at 13:43.16
tres good *claps* and lots of mba lyrics, all the better, read all the links too!

Annie xxx
From:turkeyphant [.]
Posted: Thursday 6th March, 2003 at 14:05.26
Yeah, cheers. As you know, I was a rather annoyed that all the fools failed to understand the basic premise of it all :p

It tells the story of me becoming and then me morphing. It twists and turns through time through the fallen halos of the girls I've lusted after, then forward to the whole "Her" thing. It rolls and blends and strikes and goes at tangents off in all directions to all the thoughts I've had while thinking of people and how I fell back and felt way back. The biro and lined paper incorporate the whole of my existence at this school. And then, it shoots up, spinning and flailing wildly to the foreground where my thoughts and reactions are recorded just as it happened. No trite pseudo-intelligence here and no false overanalysis - this is purely lucid and candid spontaneity right from being trapped beneath the might of the hunter. It tells the story of all my mind and body adventures, and the recent aftermath. The journey ends in an image (as well as various interpretations of it), trying to sum everything up without putting any subjective thought into it at all. Hopefully, this is the raw, unprocessed emotion coursing through my body. Straight from the synapses, I create the unclouded data that represents me.

Without the accompanying links and images, it's nothing at all.

Hell, I know, but I really like "it". And then, only one person found the hidden faeries...
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