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On Living
On Living

It's almost a full moon. The sun has just set. I'm listening to OK Computer. This is the precise time I think I just began to understand. There's such a long way to go, but now, now I can forgive. I just hope I manage to remember what I've learned.

I wonder whether, when I realise it all, I'll ever be able to forgive myself...

I've liked the books I've recently read a lot.

    mood: enlightened
    choon: Radiohead - Electioneering
From:turkeyphant [.]
Posted: Saturday 17th May, 2003 at 16:26.02
There's a concrete wall surrounding it. Nice sentiment though...


Oh gosh, this is so silly. I sometimes wonder how I even entertain those thoughts.

I find adaptation as enticing as Charlemagne's fetid bed. Survival is irrelevant and anyway, changing precludes the continuation of anything that is me. This is like nothing before but modelled on everything. Any other suggestions?

God I suck.
From:ickleprincess [.]
Posted: Saturday 17th May, 2003 at 16:35.36
 Course not.
Suggestions? I think your last comments prove that you don't need suggestions from me, you've worked it out yourself :-)

Cock, I hope.
From:turkeyphant [.]
Posted: Saturday 17th May, 2003 at 16:45.52
 Hah! - Joker.
You couldn't be further away. I'll never work it out, especially not for the moment. This is something that haunts me from within, only my chest is particularly transparent right now. I see no reason for this other than the fact I probably want it to be. But still, with regard to working things out; for a start, I don't even know what I want to find (inside me and out)...

Perhaps you'll be able to help later on when I've learned something more? Or, at the very least, when I've forgotten about some of the details that need considering...

Only the very best.
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