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Kathryn once told me that Sophie wanted to get to know me better. It made my day. And, right then, I discovered that she decided to break off all communication and began ignoring me. Haha; I suck.

For three days in a row, I went round the myriad Canterbury bookshops looking at everything and trying to decide which hardback book I should purchase. After six hours I still couldn't decide which one to get and, what's more, I'd discovered hundreds of paperbacks I'd now have to scour local libraries and second hand bookstores to find. Just as it came to my seventh hour of searching for my book, I realised how downright idiotic it was of me to waste time, and to waste life, worrying about such petty things as possessions and the money I would spend. I'd been such a fool fretting over money the whole time and so, I got up, walked right into the nearest shop and bought three books.


I have regrettably continued my bad habit and ended up playing a lot of Counter-Strike recently. It's just too tempting each time McD offers to let me destroy him. What's more, the newly befriended Tony Sze boasted about once having been ranked number twelve in the UK. I don't know how they organised this ranking system, but he seems quite into the whole geek scene and claimed to have been invited to a tournament in America with some obscene sum as prize money. Well anyway, with the assumption that we were a bunch of malcoordinated userinfoBankses, he challenged any five people to a match. Five-on-one, best of twenty four rounds. Any official level of our choice, twelve rounds on each team. Despite being apprehensive of his true skills, we naturally agreed - it would be a laugh, surely there was no way he could win and anyway, it was now a bet with a fiver each resting on it. We had at least three good players and anyway, with luck he wouldn't even have enough ammo in a clip to take us all out. A potential team consisted of Jun, Herbie and I. Well, anyway, before we knew what was happening, Tony had planned the match for the next Saturday. The weekend came round uncharacteristically quickly, allowing us no time for preparation. I disappointed to be unable to have hours of practise sessions and deeply discuss team tactics including cunning radio commands, keyboard binds, set-pieces and an inspired method of communication by flashlight morse. Not only that, but we found ourselves short of players and computers and had only just decided on the map. Meanwhile, Tony himself was having doubts but, despite being unsure whether he wanted to risk twenty five quid on a reckless boast, he kindly agreed not to pull out.

Luckily, I quickly befriended Chris Zwierzynski, an awesome upper sixth (6a), and he turned out to have played with Tony before as well as being a dude. In addition, he was the only Counter-Strike player in the house other than myself not to be a cheap ass cheating gimp. Five minutes before the match was scheduled, I hastily installed a pirate version of Half-Life and sent Counter-Strike over the network to Pako's computer and we had barely managed to assemble a team in time. Chris was the only non-Asian in our all star Grange House team and Pako had the controls written on a scrap of paper, but I guess we were feeling quietly confident. Curtains were drawn, WinAMPs minimised, resolutions taken down, mice cleaned, headphones donned, virtual memory cleared and then, finally ready, we went into the almighty battle.

Half an hour later we were already victorious. After winning the knife round (now there's a surprise), the fabulous five won the first twelve rounds on a trot as terrorists on de_dust2. It took us about fifteen minutes to swap teams because Pako didn't quite understand the procedure but, after the change, we only had to win one round of another twelve. After a scare when we all stuck together and he was able to plant the bomb and take the first round, we split up and finished him off to complete the destruction. It was wonderful and, for the remaining ten rounds, Chris and I repeatedly teamkilled Herbie for shits and giggles. He was rather pissed off at this but when Tony honourably played out our fivers, nobody really cared. It wasn't bad for an hour's work. Still, after all the tense build-up, I wasn't too impressed with Tony's reactions especially as he was killed fairly often in lame one-on-one encounters. That week, we even managed to fit in some Quake III networked goodness which allowed me to roxor everyone and break out some more whoop-ass 0wn4ge.

The next day I even ventured outside and blissfully sat on the lawn on a beautifully warm Sunday afternoon sipping my jynnan tonnyx.
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