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behind the hatred there lies a plundering desire for love
userinfoDavid and I crashed Mafro and Jackolas's 18th birthday party with the assistance of Catriona

Everyone else there was wearing fancy dress and I found it impossible to mingle with those who once joked along with me: Weasley, Mole, Danny; you know the ones. They had just returned from a legacy of clubbing to beats beats beats and underage girls in Newquay and regaled me with tedious tales about userinfoTD's woe. Dick was there and we enjoyed chatting, but mostly I tried to speak to Catriona, Tara and their other friend. It was cold outside, Chown was prowling and I wished there could have been far fewer infuriating morans present. However, that is not intended to imply I wasn't enjoying myself.

I went inside several times and believe that I spoke with Rob for some time which naturally refreshed me. Costi mistook me for someone else and proceeded to pour a large amount of liquid onto my clothing. I was starved, but politeness prevented me from taking full advantage of the food that was disconcertingly being distributed by someone's grandmother. Several people behaved indecently and I didn't steal someone's ten pound note. Catriona later found that she had lost a fiver. userinfoDavid drank some beer.

As userinfoDavid predicted, I clinched with Catriona toward the end. We ventured out into scary and dark woods and she held tight and spoke of Kathryn and Sophie to me but I'm not sure whether it ought to have made sense. I listened attentively and laughed inside for undetermined reasons. Not long after that I was required to bid farewell to all for another year. Dickolas's father courteously and kindly gave me a lift to Redhill. I was surprised (and I suppose a little touched) to learn he remembered the name of my new school. I didn't suppose many people would have noticed.

And then, when climbing the steps to platform two, I decided I would approach an oldish guy in a Stiff Little Fingers shirt who I would usually have desperately avoided communicating with. I complemented him on his attire and he offered me a cigarette and, although I declined it, the gesture made my entire day.

And thus one more party was over and one more day had ended...

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    choon: The Smiths - The Boy With The Thorn In His Side