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iamaconstantsatellite ofyourblazingsunmylove iobeyyourlawofgravity thisisthefateyou'vecarvedonme
This has been the weirdest fucking day evar. I stayed up all night trying to make my leavers' page less than hypergay (guess what: I failed) and thus slept not at all and was running on fumes for the whole day. I crashed around lunchtime when I was too tired to even feed myself and collapsed into bed with The Bicentennial Man for a couple of hours of much-needed slumber. I'd been hit by the whole userinfoWammie/Catriona thing a couple of days before and had been struggling to get my head round my feelings for the whole thing what with my atrophied brain and everything. userinfoPolish Matthew had kindly filled me in the night before, but it was all too much of a shock for me to be able to synthesise my thoughts in any way at all. Then I was a fag and cared because Holly didn't text me once and my daily email didn't ever arrive. Next, userinfoSam boned me and we attempted to talk about his Catriona situation for a while before I started racking my brains for positive memories and thoughts of King's.

Then, that evening userinfoSam and I wrote words about the last few years of our lives: we puzzled over our lengthy falling out in the fourth year, I explained to him the whole userinfoSuda/userinfoLois episode, we even mentioned Larry C, Miss Schlong and Fox Girl. He's the only person I told about my Holly and Sophie "dilemma". I often cannot thank my friends for being nice mans, but it was easy this time – I think I had some gin to hand.

And then I was supposed to sleep and do a chemistry examination the next morning?

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From:turkeyphant [.]
Posted: Friday 3rd December, 2004 at 22:22.08
Wooo Russell: you'll always be gay.
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