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so bring it down, let it fall, into a drizzling bliss then we'll hyperventilate in the old forest

I took userinfoDavid to an Indigo Children party in Willesden. We were taken there by a man named Bill who was, in my opinion, the finest specimen of a dude you'll ever meet. He owned a dog named Teddy who is, in my mind second only to Muffin. While we danced, a man scaled a silver birch and breathed fire over all of us. I'd continually forget that he was there only to be amazed once again by a massive warming ball of flame above my head. I danced for a very long time and had the most fucked up CEVs I've ever experienced. In the morning, a techno rig had set up in the middle of the road across the canal. What a laugh.

The next Thursday we received our A2 results. I achieved good results (although two modules of 13% and 20% dragged my maths down to three marks off a C) and hence attained entry to my first-choice university to a sigh of relief from my parents. Celebrations consisted of a journey to userinfoGay Richard's free house where I very quickly became inebriated and met a man named Bob who could roll the best, unelvisable spliffs I've ever seen. After sharing a kebab with userinfoSamuel, I went home, satisfied.

It had been an ace week.
Tags: indigo children, london, mdma, music, parties, school, twd
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