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i am human and i need to be loved just like everybody else does

Reading Festival was attended again. This time it rained. Tedious bullet points follow:
  • I was a cunt to everyone but perhaps not overly so
  • We regrettably decided to camp in the worst lands ever – the ground was completely waterlogged in spite of a million bales of hay and we often shared our tents with frogs
  • However, userinfoKappo brought an ounce
  • We met userinfoguntrip, userinfo_pariah and userinfosofamafia then later userinfoyalson and a tripping userinfotom13
  • I randomly bumped into my bestest buddy from primary school who I haven't seen for years and years. He's called Greg and now looks a million years old
  • We did hundreds and hundreds of bulbs of nitrous
  • I had to walking everywhere barefoot and my toes instantly began to rot
  • I boned Fay for no reason which was supreme laughs according to userinfoRussell
  • Successfully rolling a jay in the 80s Matchbox mosh was a victory
  • Loudly selling nitrous non-stop for an hour next to the chick who charged £2 a balloon was also. I successfully caused a dude to enjoy himself enough to buy £20 worth and another dude to total himself
  • userinfoGraam passed out from doing too many drukqs
  • Fun times occurred adventuring with userinfoLaura along the Road Of Death and meeting mans such as the one who was really a Royal Mail postman
  • I did seven balloons in a row which seemed hardcore at the time
  • Catriona told hilarious ghost stories
  • A mans purchased a poorly rolled jay at the Main Stage for three punts
  • Ross and I tried desperately to keep a fire going with coal, the NME, beer, plastic bags, userinfoJadders' tent and vodka mist
  • I met up with first Hannah and Gigi then userinfoplug_in_phil during an incredible British Sea Power set and later on we got "pumped" by two girls armed with a board marker
  • I brilliantly scored MDMA from a hammered mans who got lost and wandered into our campsite before I struck up a conversation of randomness with him
  • We failed to find userinfo13stars for nine years due to userinfoKappo's love of Dubya and failure to know anything, not least a girl called Olivia . Then we bumped into Lizi busy being a fag
  • userinfoKap was inspired enough to sell a Henry to Henry right next to the pigs
  • userinfo13stars was thoroughly outjuggled by Henry Lodge
  • The dude from The Soundtrack Of Our Lives was touched whilst rolling
  • Then I left userinfoyalson (with notebook and nitrous scars) and userinfoDean at The Kills to visit the moronic After Shock tent where I danced away to shit tunes with a stupid grin on my face. I borrowed water from a mans, gave out a bunch of free balloons and accidentally inhaled some amyl nitrates in liquid form. Two hott chicks talked to me and gave me stickers advertising giveusdiamonds.tk
  • I organised multiple adventures with the crew and picked up brilliant people on the way
  • Being distracted forever whilst looking for userinfo13stars because we were busy dishing out nitrous
  • Joining in the hokie cokie
  • Being punched in the face whilst finding a phallic light
  • Chatting in my tent with Red Chris, userinfo13stars, userinfoDean, userinfoKappo and userinfoBanks about brilliant things including, but not limited to, receipts of purchase
  • Adam Daley finally finally boning userinfoSarah
  • Doing nitrous non-stop on the train back home
  • userinfoJadders and userinfoWenny's incomparable failure
  • userinfoSam's failure that was possibly larger yet
  • Not meeting userinfomsblackamerica, userinfomiss_sparkle, userinfosynesthesiac, userinfobellston, etc. Wah
  • In retrospect, I saw very few bands indeed
In another place, the world is so damn weird. For the last two years my existence was put on pause as I always refused to believe I was actually living at King's. Now I've been enjoying the most brilliant summer I can imagine, but all the kids I hang out with are having to deal with their social groups being split up for the first time in seven years. And yes, I'm really eighteen and I'm off to university. It just doesn't make sense...
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