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I spent New Year's Eve with my friends at the best party I've ever been to in a squatted office block at 120 Cricklewood Lane, London. It was spread over three floors and included two massive rigs, projections, live bands and performers as well as a truckload of décor. So many people turned up that there were a few hundred still queuing at four in the morning. There was an overwhelmingly positive vibe which I loved so much I spent over twenty hours in there. For the first few hours I chatted to some fantastic people, danced and was unable to score some 2C-B. Then, over the rest of the night, I dropped some mushrooms, a tab of d-lysergic acid diethylamide, 100 mg of caffeine, 120 mg of ephedrine, and 350 mg of methylenedioxymethamphetamine and had the time of my life.

I lost count of the brilliant people I met up with and the friendly strangers I spent time with. I continually failed to get over the sheer beauty of the place and of what we had going. The pigs briefly visited at about seven in the morning, had a quick boogie and then went back home. Thank fuck I didn't notice them because, at that stage, I might have freaked out seeing a friendly policeman dancing next to me. But still: I really can't say anything to help you comprehend what a fantastic time I had. Thank you all who were involved.

2005 has started well.
Tags: acid, collective futures, drukqs, liquid connective, london, mdma, mushrooms, music, parties

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