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Saturday 22nd June, 2002 - http://turkeyphant.livejournal.com/
Perhaps my life needs a radical change?
I'm gone. I couldn't have expected it to be any better really. This day truly sucked.

First, England lose in rather pikey circumstances. Mini Daws told me to come and sit next to her as we watched to football, but pretty much ignored me the whole time. I still can't find out why she hates me, but still humours me. No hugs from her then. Sarah still seems to like me, but she didn't say much when I said bye and she accused me of boasting about her wanting to bone me. When I saw her later that day, she just smiled, embarrassed by my friends following her around – I couldn't pluck up the courage to ask for a parting embrace. Still, she emailed me back again. w00t w00t.

The Physics exam was piss and book returning was gee. Miraculously, I avoided a very awkward encounter with Helen Welen. However, I did get to say a final goodbye to Camille (who was surprisingly nice) and the ever-cute Megan plus friends. Rob's mum knew my name. Kapmandu offered me a lift to Pendy's then revoked it when I splashed him. Dick used my waterbombs to get Jen who was with Lois. They both blanked me. I went back to Banks' so we could 'phone TD and tried to fix his p00k. Then, I went back to school, found Kapmandu and blagged a ride to the partee. Miss Allen was gee, then Mr. Mansfield tried to throw us off-site for the third time that day. We demanded our school files from the Headmaster's secretary and failed because he wasn't in. And I finally managed to get the £5 owed to me from Mr. Powell.

Then, we travelled in Kapmandu's hellishly hot car to his house where we ate pizza and I h@><0r str1k3d his Journal. We were taken to Pendy's somewhat early and joined others in an alcohol purchasing spree. Then it was the partee.

It started off okay because I was tipsy and having fun. Then, I realised there was no sex (or regret that I will leave) for me and got sad. Molee admitted he would bone Mini Dawstow. A few people (Rob, Robbie P) got "absolutely wankered" and Suda, no matter what she says, was taken advantage of by many including brownfinger and Daws. She boned nearly every male in our year. TD was an absolute cunt. The highlight of the evening was learning from Weasley that Spencer got evicted from Big Brother. Oh yeah, I got Kapmandu back fro stealing my poppz0rs by selling him mixed herbs and Rizla prepared the night before for £3. But most of all, I realised I probably wouldn't miss people that much even though they are really ace and much better than me. Most people there didn't seem to care I would never be seen again. And even though it shouldn't, it kinda hurt me. The nicest person was Sam, though nearly all the blokes I'm friends with were amicable enough towards me. Dom's ex called Amy also happened to be the only girl there who would talk to me. Unfortunately, I have no idea who she was, was too melancholy and sober to flirt and anyway, she decided to bone Dom regardless. However, even though I know it's a lie, I couldn't care less about any of the girls at school.

Lois: Blanked me the entire night. Hugged everyone else there. And still, I don't know why. When I gave her the second letter, she seemed friendly. She hasn't given me any reason to explain why she should hate me. All I wanted was to talk to her or at least go up to her and say goodbye and sorry to her face so I could leave, I dunno, completed and concluded. But every time I came near or our eyes met, she scowled then pranced away to someone else. I suppose still want her in a way but I would be more than happy with forgiveness. It's too late now – fuck her.
Megan: Is far too young, has spoken to me twice and is too attractive for me to have a chance. If only she were older and I were less detestable...
Lucy: Ruined my chances with Lois and made the Abu-Jess thing a bit rocky though maybe it wasn't her fault. Ignores me, then bones Daws. And spent the whole night with Chesty even though Jina had just confessed she wanted him more than anyone. I should have given up on her a long time ago.
Mini Daws: Hates me for some reason, maybe because I stalked her. Wouldn't even give me a hug when I left.
Mini Galley: Again, wouldn't give me a hug. Though, as she replied to my second email(!) perhaps I should have initiated something. Oh well, I'll keep in touch over the holidays but I never should have got my hopes up.
Camille: Hates me because of my magic trick. Never mind.
Suda: Kinda gave up on me and blamed me for whatever. She is very fragile though. Let herself get raped. She was always kind to me but is a little too much.
Rosanna and the others: Have never really forgiven me for Wiltshire's. Luckily, I no longer care.
Laura, Susie and co. : Are moronic elitists and yes, I am aware how that makes me sound.
Jina: When I said goodbye for the last time, she turned her back and uttered a rushed "Bye". I'm actually quite upset by that.
Nadia: Didn't come to the party (not her fault) but didn't even get to say bye to her.
Jen: It's Jen.
Mini Pendy: Never really liked me. In fact, she likes TD more...
People like Alice Artwoman and Zoë Copsey: Don't even know me or care to.
Girls from the year below such as Sarah Lindley, Phillipa and Zoë Ingenharg: See above.
And as for the rest, they're all mingers.

And then, it all pretty much degenerated. I left, having said goodbye to no-one. Then, I had to endure weight of TD's words and my bag all the way to Sam's where his mum was pissed off with us. TD had an orgasm because he raped Mini Pendy and I slept on the carpet. And, the next day, I spent hours getting home. Really, there's not that much to miss about people even though they're all better people than me (TD excepted). After all, they won't be missing me. I just hope I actually have friends in Canterberry.

Tonight, a distraught Suda 'phoned me for hours. People they are gee. I must go now and do nothing all holidays.

    mood: worn out
    choon: Gemma Hayes – Ran For Miles