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Monday 24th March, 2003 - http://turkeyphant.livejournal.com/
thunder thunder lightning ahead now i kiss you dark and long
Yesterday was the other marchz0r. Another one of those Hyde Park deals, but this time I'd only managed to persuade Banks to grudgingly accompany me. We didn't even have any female companions for the train journey. Sam still can't be arsed to follow up his promises, adults always have better things to do, Helen Welen seemed to think her charity shop is more deserving and TD was busy munching bourgeois smoked salmon sandwiches and caviar at his grandparent's second-largest country mansion. Still, it was fun to go up there and the weather was beautiful so it wasn't a completely wasted day. Plus, we saw lots of dudish people as well as fit asian chixors. Also, we were both interviewed by the BBC but fucked up big time due to nervousness and no preparation. Nevertheless, I found it exciting to wantonly swear at world leaders on camera.

After that, we rushed back to David's house, only to find that Kathryn had already left and only the nice HymenGirl called Laura remained to entertain us. Soon of course Sophie turned up all shy, Lauren danced erotically and Catriona said hi. I think this was the time when I walked in on Clare getting changed and she got all embarrassed because I'd seen her panties. Banks had a couple of beers and got twd but I didn't want to leave because my fucking penis likes spending time with prepubescent girls. Soon enough though, David had twanged Lauren's undergarments one too many times and committed a horrid social faux pas against Catriona which resulted in floods of tears and desperate phone calls to distraught parents. I tried to lead David out of the house as swiftly as possibly while Catriona was comforted. After all that David sulkily walked ahead in silence as I'd broken his game and I followed, happy to be moody, and dropped a pound in a spiky bush of death whilst finding a beer and continually cursing society's stigma against mandatory castration for every man alive. (Occasionally I manage to convince myself that penises are the sole cause of the majority of bad things in the world.) David was still rather aloof but, after a draggingly exciting wait for the bus, we were okay and happily bounded through Sam's front door only slightly tardy.

Sam's night was fun with lads playing video games and drinking beer all night. I actually had a bed to sleep in, and nobody managed to destroy me with face markings during my reasonably lengthy slumber. TD probably got owned and David proved, once and for all, that he is the worst man ever to attempt the playing of computer games. The next morning, Sam's mother kindly ferried us to the Chinese Food restaurant and we listened to the radio for more euphemism, false information, propaganda and blinkered stupidity from all sides. And so much of it accepted at face value, so blindly. And meanwhile, the tales of the people cause such despair. It's amazing how the varying reason behind the invasion changes day by day depending on what questions have been asked or what they've achieve on the ground. And so many peoples stories go untold or instantly forgotten. Yet so few people ask questions, let alone notice.

We ended up waiting for some time at the food station, but I cunningly managed to recover my pound coin from the night before which was, without doubt, a good thing. People turned up including Danny, Loz and some girl, and we happily feasted on a buffet of delicious pseudo-Sino cuisine. We even managed to pay for all the orders and only annoyed the staff at the end because they preemtively cleared our table whilst we still wanted addition dishes. Somehow, we managed to eat a stupid amount of food and not the decorative carrot carvings. Oh yes, I think some of the other customers were somewhat perturbed by my high-amplitude excellence in the Homoeroticism Game.

After that I went back to David's house so that he could haxor and I could talk to Catriona about panties while she prepared food. And then, after saying my goodbyes, I walked back to Redhill along that familiarly worn path. I've come to really enjoy these long night-time walks back through abandoned neon dinosaur bones with just me, my footsteps, thoughts and memories and plenty of time to think. I stomped back with Dark & Long pounding in my head at maximum volume and providing me with the perfect atmosphere and even more perfect beat for walking. I couldn't help feeling that, over those last two days, some more had happened than the sum of nothing.

Oh, and Lois (falsely) and Cassie (gaily) said hi to me when I bumped into them at the station. All I could do was smile.

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    choon: Underworld - Dark & Long