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Wednesday 2nd April, 2003 - http://turkeyphant.livejournal.com/
say goodbye on a night like this if it's the last thing we ever do
Tuesday 1st April, 13:35: I miss my lunch in my rush to get to the bus stop, only to have to wait for fifteen minutes. Eventually, the double decker 271 rounds the corner and I step out into the road a little to hold out my arm and wave it down. Just in case, you know? zoooooooooom! The fucker swerves round me and I swear I see him smugly wink as he accelerates into the distance.

Thankfully, I managed to catch another bus after that bastard had missed my stop out and eventually arrived, still early, at the Reigate train station. That one Tuesday some time ago, Abu had persuaded me to come up to this karaoke event at school. Or something like that - he never really lets me know what is going on. My significant trepidation was enhanced when I found he'd buggered off to Jess' and I'd have to amuse myself for an hour. I had no idea what sort of event this would be nor whether any of the people I ever thought of as friends would turn up too.

Luckily, I bumped into Alex D as I wandered the streets and ended up tagging along with him, Anit and John Something for a few preparatory pints. I barely remembered that some of these guys existed and had never really spoken to them in my five years at RGS, but it was a nice confidence-booster to be able to turn up and chat for an hour with effective-strangers I'd never even really liked. Still, we spotted Caroline with some gimpish bloke-in-the-year-above in there and Willy had seen me and been a bit of a twat. After getting sufficiently tanked up by finishing other people's Guinnesses, we encountered JI's car and forced him to give us a lift to this weird out-of-town bar thingy.

It turned out that this event was basically an organised piss-up for the entire sixth form. I paid to get in, ordered my drinks and soon found that everyone in the world was there. After greeting people and mocking others, I guess I just drifted around talking and sipping gin. I guess I must have gotten rather drunk as I remember very little that actually happened apart from sitting with people and probably just looking dreamily around watching them talking. I kept thinking I should try and get chatting with a chixor I was sure I'd seen before who was sitting to my left, but couldn't actually ask her anything. And so I moved between a couple of social circles sat at their tables for a while and I must have talked to some people, but I failed to even try and bone that girl - a fact which I remember annoyed me even at the time.

After some time I remember staggering outside after a curious yearning for fresh air. However this just caused me to embarrassingly realise that, by then, I really was far too twd for my own good. Sam loaned me help and his coat provided comfort and warmth. After I'd finished relieving my stomach of liquid and had been reduced to heaving ever more dryly, I failed to make my excuses and, thinking I had better get home to sleep, left. Some kind folken even tried to stop me wandering/stumbling down this dodgy rural road by myself, but I shook off all those who wanted to assist or offer me roofs, and ran off toward the high street. Miraculously, I managed to find my own way back all the way to Redhill without getting mugged or even falling over once. I completely forget whether I was capable of catching a train in the right direction, but I do remember the disgusting act of throwing up on the train before passing out until I actually managed to get off at Gatwick Airport. I must have contacted my father at some point because he soon pulled up and drove me home in near silence. I, however, was all too aware of his reckless swerving. At home I stumbled into bed at the earliest time in years, and slept until six am. From then I intermittently found myself conscious and very achey and ill. My parents were out and I knew it would be over soon, but wanting to throw up nothingness every time you move your head soon becomes boring. After six more hours, several aspirin and some uncontrollable shivering on the toilet I was recovering and started to recall fragments of the undoubtedly cool time I'd experienced the night before.

it goes dark
it goes darker still
please stay
but I watch you like I'm made of stone
as you walk away

    mood: ill
    choon: The Cure - Night Like This