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there was time for me and you to do the stupid things we've always longed to do
Well, userinfoSammie came to Londinnie with us and userinfoBanks brought userinfoLaura along for some reason. Which was a nice surprise. Sophie failed to parse my several text messages despite assuring me she would love to come along and Catriona couldn't be arsed at all. Again. userinfoDavid lies so much...

For the entire train journey we all unkindly ostracised Laura and raved about Rhapsody. I got all excited when we persuaded userinfoKappo not only to waste his 'phone bill for hours, but also to put up several hundred buckaroonies for userinfoDavid to grab a last-minute Reading tix0r. Upon arriving in old faithful Victoria, we tubed off to Camden Town for it was userinfoLaura's first ever visit to that region of the world (I know, like double-yoo tee eff...) I don't remember, but I'll assume she was suitably impressed by Cyberdog you are dog et al. We went into basements and bought CDs and I dragged to others off to buy mushrooms which userinfoSam promptly squashed.


Much later in the afternoon we waited in a foul kebab shop near userinfoSam's third favourite wankery-fag guitar shop and drank synthesised lemon juice and gin. We also went in and out of a Game outlet to spend a little time on those shitty GBA-SP things and the newly-released (over here anyway) Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire. When they finally let us in to The 100 Club, we made our way over to the bar and got mildly twd. userinfoDavid and I met up with old chums such as userinfodissolvedgirl_, chubby boy from the acoustic gig and the chixor he was with, the cool slightly-androgynous bookgirl, ugly chixors, some hummerus hoyden with a nose ring and some chick I later realised must blaters have been userinfomiss_sparkle. What's more, after userinfoSam had got jealous of our making the sex0r with Seymour, I introduced userinfoDavid to an only-slightly-baffled userinfoguntrip.


First up were the utterly hilarious Becky Jago. Now, last time, I spoke of how Cooper told me about his "other" band and now I would actually get to see them. They were ace – I think nobody else liked them at all, but I just can't get enough of their brand of sonic assault combined with hilarious lyrics and song titles and a frontman you can't help but love.

After that, we danced to Antihero and Special Needs and drank more beer. Everyone else seemed to think that Antihero sucked and Special Needs ruled their faces, but the inverse was so so very apparent. Mr. Antihero is cool anyway (even though they weren't as good as in Brighton).

And then it was Miss Black America.

We three were at the very front at the very centre pushed up against the stage. We were pogoing like mad and I kept falling into the speakers and stuff. Mrs. Quiggers joined us and even userinfoLaura enjoyed herself and they treated us to the best show of their lives. Well, it was the final night of a fairly big tour and it was, at least, by far the best gig I've ever seen them put on. Seymour flew around the stage like a Tomspaz on speed and Cooper punished his Transformer-adorned drumkit like a hysterical woman tearfully beating a tall guy's manly chest. All the while faithful Mat and Jonny smiled through their hair and performed exciting guitar wankery for a laugh and the crowd was wild. It rawked hard.

The songs played were as follows:

Pub Rock Coma
Drowning By Numbers 
Miss Black America 
Human Punk
Talk Hard 
Beautiful Velocity 
Once More With Feeling 
Dot Dot Dot 

I'm not quite sure what made that night so special, but it just seemed to eclipse any of their other gigs. The brilliant songs kept coming and they meant something because we still all believed that Miss Black America could become the biggest band in the world and that the tooth fairy has limitless wealth and a hard-on for enamel. I didn't even require the alcohol hit I feared I would be in need of as I went beyond embarrassment rocking away on a mission to be dead by thirty. They only played two songs from the album, but that didn't matter one goose – recently the four new mp3s had grown on me like a healthy strain of E. coli on a prime cut of room-temperature beef. All in all, I was glad my mushies had been stashed in userinfoSammie's backpack lest they live up to their name.

After the gig, userinfoDavid and I happily boned Seymour some and, a few minutes later, some more. He kindly signed a setlist as well as the CDs of userinfoDavid and I. What's more, he gave us these coolio little invites to the after-show happy happy end-of-tour big-up rockin' partay. Gleefully, we bounded about before having to waste several hours on frantic and inaudible telephone conversations regarding userinfoLaura. Eventually we were successful in very nearly getting permission for her to be allowed out late and never catch a train and not get raped. I must have phoned Rail Enquiries about three times due to forgetting exactly what they said and, even though I obtained a free copy of R*E*P*E*A*T from a kindly passer-by, we found we'd been walking in the wrong direction for about ten minutes.

Upon arriving at the club's location, we spent a couple of minutes embarrassingly retracing our steps due to parsing the invite incorrectly – instead of being called White Heat as advertised, it turned out that this trendy Soho joint was actually called Infinity. After such exertion finding the land, we then had to traumatically bypass the bouncers who both seemed to have eyes sharper as Harold Pinter's anti-war invectives. We'd been on a high the entire night and hadn't once stopped to think what we'd do if they actually had the audacity to ask our ages at the door. After toying with us for a couple of minutes by mocking my FID and accusing me of being stoned and userinfoDavid tee double-yoo dee, they finally gave in and let us in for a laugh. This was in spite of userinfoLaura patently being underage and probably only really due to it being a Tuesday night. Regardless, we were all laughing.

After wandering around timidly for a while, we found the nose ring girl from the gig and spoke, then marched up to the bar. Before long, all four of us were dancing the night away with three chixors userinfoDavid and I had seen around as well as Mr. and Mrs. Quiggers. Oh, it was the life to live...

Upon becoming exhausted, we reached a unanimous decision to leave at 02:30 and ran all the way back to Victoria. Despite magically finding our way simply due to the marches and muscle memory we missed the train by milliseconds. It was probably also due to our only catching a bus five hundred metres from the station at the third time of asking. And thus, we sat freezing to death in the station for an hour with the alcohol in our blood slowing being broken down, pockets stuffed with druqks and a copy of R*E*P*E*A*T to while away the time. The 04:00 train steadily made its way south and, in combination with the worst taxi company in the world, got us back to my house by 05:15. At which hour it was certainly time for sleep.

The next day I cooked a gorgeous barbeque most of which userinfoDavid moronically rejected exclaiming "I only eat white muffins and Heinz baked beans! Eww, meat, ewww vegetables!" userinfoLaura was collected and went home, then userinfoBnaks disappeared in his plush two-seater car leaving userinfoSammie to stay another night and get beaten at Stadium2 mini games. We stayed up until 03:30 that night sharking him GuS Pokés and the next morning we woke up at 07:30 and my mother took userinfoDavid and I to Reading...

How very punk rock of me.

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    choon: Red Hot Chili Peppers – Otherside