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red stain blossoms and all you have is kisses
Mock results:
3/30 in year (Yeah, right - I swear nobody beat me)
39/43 in year (I'm not sure how people actually did worse than me in this)
Further mathematics
19% (M3), 41% (P4), 48% (P5)
11/14 in year (It sucks more because, after missing the proper exam, I got to cheat on M3. But why the fuck did I do best in P5?)
Everyone seems to think it's such a big deal...

Converge: I actually got out one weekend and went wild. I risked all sorts of crazy punishments by deciding not to go to the six hour detention I'd been given for no reason whatsoever. I experienced my first hardcore gig which was utterly hilarious (all the sXe kids who think they're so tough pretend to punch the floor and "let it all out, man!") and Hannah actually physically tried to rape me, but I wouldn't let her. userinfoHarriet seemed happy, I started spending time with Russell again and I spoke to Fay for perhaps the first time ever.

Snowball fight: I looked out of the window and noticed that powder blue snow was starting to fall. Two minutes later the ground was covered with a delicate icy-white blanket and the final bell of the day rang out. Illuminated by the last dying rays of sunlight a beautiful scene spontaneously erupted: about two hundred children in full Canterbury Dress shrieked and frolicked in an orgy of magical pleasure to a backdrop of the spotlit cathedral. The snowball fight lasted over an hour and, by the end, the Green Court was a hacked-up muddy wreck, but frostbitten fingers warmed up over supper and the smiles lasted well into the night.

userinfoBanks: Catriona worried enough about userinfoDavid's failure at attendance, work and life in general enough to email me. Of course, I have no idea what's really going on having been away for so long (or at least that's my excuse). Even if I were not in prison, I'd probably have no clue. After all, did I even notice that he was taking Ritalin? I tried to 'phone him but he was being an unresponsive cunt and, to be fair, can I blame him? Sharing my concern with userinfoSammie Wammie helped, I guess.

School: And then there's my inability (indisposition?) to help suicidal userinfoHarriet who's pissing everyone off at the moment. It's lazy and beyond selfish, I know, but I can't bring myself to do anything. What's more, Hannah's being a moranic and irritating fool by (once again) baselessly worrying about being fat/her boyfriend/GCSEs/shit like that. As for my school work: after six weeks working on coursework for the überbitch, I was so glad there would be nothing I'd ever have to do at school again. I'd just made up with Hannah after another fight and I'd decided not to give a crap about all my grades, but something else just had to come along, didn't it? And then my parents 'phone up to shout at me.

Sophie: Yes Sophie. That Sophie. So she comes on MSN when we're both a little tipsy and we get talking once again just like we used to. I haven't spoken to this girl in ages and I'm past the point where I fancied her like anything because I finally realised it was never never going to happen. But anyway, after an hour of embarrassment and stuff like that, she finally blurts it out just before the internet gets cut off. I scream and it takes a few evenings of frantic web-based conversation for me to find out that, cruel world as it is, the incredibly beautiful and altogether adorable Sophie once actually wanted to bone me (or something) in the past. Jesus; like no way. She said that she felt regret because she never took her chance while it was there but, oh Sophie, how little you know...

I think I realise there are things that are more important but, just … GAH.


Okay, as much I loathe to actually post this, the best I can do is promise my next entry won't continue the faggot-angst.


A full glass of room-temperature red wine and borrowed CDs is all I could ever need.

    choon: Elbow - Ribcage