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Seeing how rare my freedom is, a visit to London was in order for userinfoDavid and I. We were treated with the scariest train ride evar that passed through nine million deprived and graffiti-addled suburbs replete with the requisite preteen girls selling sex for crack. In all my considerable train-riding experience, I can't have ever taken this particular route before and was rather overwhelmed by the miles of concrete terraces and never-ending estates, not to the mention the really quite brilliant graf lining the tracks. Had it not been a famous "Sloooow Train", it would have been a wonderful journey. Taggin' it up, innit.

We avoided buses bombing through Kentish Town at mach nine, and staggered into the Bull and Gate. There we sat through the most hilariously camp mans I can imagine - Vilette, I think they were called. Seriously, the lead singer was like that fag Marco off Big Brother (yes, I've watched it once) to the power nine. He wrapped his legs five times around themselves and thus looked like he constantly was trying to avoid releasing an impending torrent of urination. The drummer was completely out of place and the guttar-man looked like a younger less-hott version of Robert Smith. I actually quite liked their choons and was too scared to speak to the chicks who came and sat next to me briefly.

Next were Designated Driver: hilarious emo but also pretty damn good. Live acoustic emo rules my face even though they were the biggest losers ever. userinfoDavid and I couldn't help guffawing throughout. I mean, check these lyrics (in all lowercase because it's just more emo): "and i fucking hate you so much right now because you've totally ruined my life and you're never coming to my party / but it sucks that i like you loads and now i'm gonna drive a waaahmbulance / crying all the way so the current can drag me under cuz life is just so so so tough!" But dude: I really do love this band. They had a troupe of underage girls supporting them who all sat cross-legged at the front and dried their tears on old love letters. userinfoHeysteve: this is how's it's done.

Had userinfoTD been there, even he could not have avoided crying a deluge of tears when the singer man hit everyone with heart-crushing lines such as "i'll breath out and hope to see you as i sit there calmly choking up water" in An Oceanless Coastline. Wrought with in emotion they followed up with "how long has it been since you dived off with no strings attached? / i was about to ask you if you wouldn't mind: would you like to share with me the rest of your life / i was about to grab you before you pushed away but i was too late" from My Cliff Diving Days (Memoirs Of).

Kiddies: so you've just bought your trendy thick-framed glasses, your girlfriend's dumped you and you've programmed The Samaritans' number into speed dial. You're sitting there locked in your room sharpening your rax0rs and in between the sobs thinking to yourself, "what next?" Well, for a start, these guys are essential listening. Honestly, they have much better crafted songs in every respect than Dashboard and his ilk so get downloading right now.

Anywayz: after the brilliance that was that, there was a brief break in which several people were met in including userinfodissolvegirl_, userinfoplug_in_phil, userinfoaurora_crash and an amazing French guy. I also was unable to resist purchasing the Designated Driver EP in order to recreate feelings of emo to the max in my own candlelit bedroom. And then we all went to the front for the main show.

Corporation: Blend really were superb. The keyboard man (I'm not nearly cool enough to know his name) was rather hott and produced ace square waves during Shutdown which was probably the most pwning song of the even. C:Beebies played a decent enough set and I recognised enough of the songs to make it a great laugh. It was certers worth trekking up to London to see them. I have nothing more to say, but roll on the summer when hopefully they'll still be touring their youthful asses off.

The train journey home was brilliant too. userinfoDavid and I were horribly intimidated the whole way back by some drunken cunts that were so obnoxious they scared off the couple sat opposite us within five minutes. I was worried in light of various experiences on public transport with aggressive people and their maladjusted consciousnesses. However, despite repeatedly poking a sleeping woman and throwing things at a middle-aged man who didn't seem to mind, they soon became decent enough blokes (albeit still terrifying) and gave Banks some money. Yes, really. Not only that, but I survived after userinfoDavid apologetically disembarked and left me alone at Redhill – instead of being killed, I, along with a man who look suspiciously like my bestest friend from primary school, befriended these goons somewhat.


userinfoBanks's party mark two highlight: completing speedruns on Quak [sic] without any use of the backwards button. Making other people play with about half the keyboard aliased to kill was fun too. Actually that was all fucking uproarious but, unfortunately, there weren't sufficient hott chixors to make me remotely in the mood to party hard. Rock 'n' roll...

    mood: emo to the max
    choon: Corporation: Blend - Tripwire